As a Catholic, I have long become weary of a lot of teachings of Catholicism. In another life, the Church and its belief in miracles could be put on trial for fraud. Nobody is going to pray to anybody and be healed of illnesses like the ones mentioned in these two miracles. Life is material.

I became less and less of a supporter of Teresa when I read that she saw suffering as some honour and instead of relieving it was telling the suffering to feel honoured to be suffering because Jesus suffered too. Of course, this is not unique to is one of the tenets of Christion theology. I have heard a priest here in Jamaica, a twin to Teresa because of the similarities in their missions, telling people that they should ask for suffering because it would be some proof of their love for Christ. This just shows how out of touch the Church is with the human condition.

That being said, the arguments here in this article need a lot more flesh. I am sure for every circumstantial evidence here there is an equal one in existence. I am sure that Teresa had an explanation or would have an explanation for the things she did was she here. I guess I am not so moved because I see people like her as really no different from the rest of humanity --- they are not saints.

History/Politics degree/taught for a while/ once copywriter. On a journey of reclamation of African identity to the full restoration of African humanity.

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