Ceasefire and Immediate Palestinian Nationhood: Non-Negotiable!

Donna Mattis
3 min readNov 22, 2023


As Palestinians continue to be slaughtered at a rate unprecedented in the recent history of this conflict, within the centre of those who can inarguably put an end to the atrocities, the usual political grandstanding is/was taking place at gaslighting public opinion into cognitive dissonance. Appearances to the mind are of four things as if we are to trust Epictetus: “Things either are what they appear to be; or they neither are, nor appear to be; or they are, and do not appear to be, or they are not, and yet appear to be. Rightly to aim, in all these cases, is the wise man’s task”.

On the one hand, there was the liberal group — by American standards — J Street galvanizing House Democrats to vote down a Republican-led resolution aimed at blacklisting genuine human rights protests across college campuses, against the genocide, as support of Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations. The depths they will stink to!

Then there were progressives’ — again by American definition — led by the Squad— furious at Biden’s initial response to Israel’s brutal war on Palestinians, arguing that it empowered Israel to carpet bomb Gaza with impunity. Which it does, by the way.

Nine House Democrats voted against a resolution that condemned Hamas and supported Israel, and another six voted "present."
Some of the administration’s harshest critics on the Israel-Hamas war could face pro-Israel primary challengers this cycle. And herein the dilemma lies.

I’m compelled to believe that this is the usual much ado about nothing. The performative rage that is expected under circumstances such as this one. In the end AIPAC’s influence will win out. Performative rage is not action...it brings no success or change to the Palestinian situation...we have been here before...how many incursions into Gaza before this war on the open air concentration camp?

This time though the figures of the butchered have surpassed 13, 000 dead Palestinians: Biden questioned the figure...yes the numbers are wrong!!!!...it is much higher...there are people buried under the rubble...Palestinians are using their bare hands to try and rescue them. So, this time the lives of these thousands of Palestinians must mean something other than release of hostages and a ceasefire. There can and should be no going back to pre-October 7. A Palestinian state, the two-state solution must be back on the table with the greatest of urgency which saw the creation of Kosova by the western political establishment.

The solution is not as complicated as Israel and its Western thugs make it out to be...it never was. All it requires is for the US, UK and the EU to say to Israel in no uncertain terms to get out of the Occuppied West Bank territories, removed the thousands of illegal settlements, allowing them under the watchful eyes of UN Peacekeepers to remove their furniture and belongings on to moving trucks, destination wherever in the world they came from and the Palestinians move into the vacant houses. There are many footage of the reverse: Palestinians moving out their belongings and illegal Israeli settlers waiting with suitcases and belongs to enter their homes. It happened in South Africa...an ally of Israel.

Establish a sovereign Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and the Right of Return for those Palestinians expelled in 1948. That is what the Palestinians have been demanding ever since Yasser Arafat entered the peace process. The Palestinians will be losing more than they will be gaining: Hamas, Al Fatah/PLO have already relinquished historical Palestine Israel by the recognition of Israel’s right to exist. A hard blow when Judaism is not a race and there is no Jewish homeland...a creation of World Zionism. It is not very difficult if Israel is committed to peace and living side by side with Palestinians.

After this slaughter of Palestinians, there can be no other resolution but the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state based on 1967 borders...UN Resolution 242 (1967). It can’t be that the Western orthodoxy gives Israel carte Blanche to murder Palestinians, more than likely to annex Gaza after all this slaughtering is done and drive what’s left of the people into the Sinai Desert. The blood of those shed would have been in vain! Make this count!



Donna Mattis

History/Politics degree/taught for a while/ once copywriter. On a journey of reclamation of Afrikan identity to the full restoration of African humanity.