Fiddling while Jamaica is Awashed in Blood

Donna Mattis
3 min readMar 31, 2022


Donald Orlando Shaw (Tabby Diamond), lead singer of The Mighty Diamonds reggae group

On the day (March 30, 2022)that Jamaica lost one of its creative sons, to the uncontrollable crime that has taken over our country, the man who made a campaign commitment six (6) years ago, guaranteeing that he had a Crime Plan that would allow us to sleep with our windows/doors open, is busy Tweeting to his followers to catch him on some run of the mill, par for the course interview of Third World/developing world leadership by some foreign television station. It is no feat, Mr Holness. those before you and those that will come after you will be accorded the same. Of course, narcissist that you are, that goes way above your larger than body head.

I’m not being political…I’m as apolitical as they come. I have no interest in either political party. No interest in people who have for generations created, carefully crafted and fed criminality that has now morphed beyond their control or at the very least, left to its own whim because it is a much more economical way to achieve their political interests. My only interest is that of Jamaica and the lack of political will on either side of the divide to bell the monster.

And it is not even that I believed the diatribe that was so cavalierly thrown around by Holness in the spring of election campaigning in 2016. Talk is cheap…it is the stock in trade of licentious tongues. Beyond that though, is the issue that a Crime Plan was a defining peg on the ladder of the JLP’s election manifesto. Fast forward to two elections and that Plan has yet to see the light of day. State of Emergencies, Zones of Special Operations, arbitrarily preying on young black men in inner-city communities and locking them away for an unspecific period of time on an unsubstantiated whim that they will commit a crime do not a Crime Plan make Mr Holness et al. It is the clearest indication of how bankrupt of ideas you are. It is in violating the constitutional right of poor people, simply because they are poor. All of these, masquerading as an attempt at crime-solving, while from March 01 to the present, the country has recorded 122 murders…let the numbers speak for the magnitude of what we are facing.

But while Mr Holness should be assembling his wartime generals to conceptualize/draft a plan to bring some respite that would probably have saved Tabby Diamond of the legendary The Mighty Diamonds, a Rastaman, a spiritual man, a peace-loving man from the hail of bullets that took his life last night, he is busy hosting, feting and grinning from ear-to-ear like Lewis Carroll’s mythical Cheshire cat, hosting the descendants of the former unapologetic, uncompromising enslaver or getting prepped and preparing to go to hair and make-up.

I am not saying that Holness or the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) or the Commissioner of police can know and pre-empt a crime that is to be committed…I’m not stupid. What I am saying is that this man and others before were elected partly on the premise that they will/could provide security for the citizens of this country. The right to protection of our lives is a right written in the Jamaican Constitution…it is a sacred right! We are not making any unusual demands here.

If the buck stops at the desks of Messrs Holness (Prime Minister), Chang (Minister of National Security) and Anderson (Commissioner of Police), then it is time they are held accountable.

There will be no fanfare statement I’m sure from Holness about the murder of Tabby Diamond. Tabby Diamond was just a poor, honest, simple man who did his thing and made his contribution to Jamaica and the world of music…no bandwagon to hop on, no political mileage/points, currency to be had by the narcissistic, mediocre head of our country. But the death of every Jamaican means something to the rest of us being pushed down into the ground by arrogance and indifference.

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Donna Mattis

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