The Configuration of a New World Order!

Donna Mattis
3 min readApr 21, 2022

As the Ukraine war moves into its second month this from Ajamu Baraka on Twitter

“Zelensky is a fraud that allowed the U.S. to make his people sacrificial lambs for U.S. strategic objectives. He just witnessed how they used & discarded the people of Afghanistan. But wait, I am making same mistake others make pretending like he is really in charge”.

The war is definitely not Ukraine’s, but that of a falling empire trying to defy the natural process of the rise and decline of all empires. The American Century is coming to a slow but sure end it appears. Who would have thought?

Poor Strobe Talbott, Former United States Deputy Secretary of State — — obsessive Russian critic, who used to write monthly in Time Magazine about the might and right of US hegemonic bullying and who predicted its longevity — — must be in sheer torment in his 76-year-old, old age.

Oh, he must be having a hard time seeing the arch-enemy reshape/pivot to a New World Order and the steady usurping of American dominance. As the sun sets in the West, it rises in the East…the inevitable outcome of America’s arrogance of power.

Strobe…never take the temerity to predict the future; she will destroy you simply out of your sheer audacity! Here’s to the new century of what is shaping up to be a Sino-Russia/BRIC alliance. The writing is on the proverbial wall. Even America’s lackeys such as France and Germany are acknowledging that they have got to jettison the US for the sake of national interests…some leaders are just not prepared to toe the line into suicidal self-destruction.

You see, when it comes down to the battle between US liberal hegemony and nationalism, it is a battle lost even before it begins. Nationalism is the most powerful ideological force on the planet, it is after all, what created the concept of the nation-state in the first place. It is a huge part of what the Ukraine conflict is about.

So, when US liberal hegemony meets nationalism and realism, it means that the US doesn’t stand a chance. The post-Cold War dystopian belief in reshaping the world in America’s image has been failing and perhaps will soon be taking its last breath…we’ll see.

Reflection/introspection is a damning must for the US, and the wasted time/opportunity to use its unique positioning on the global stage — -especially post-WW2, and its rise to globalism, to live up to its own ideals/standards, especially in its Foreign Policy. Standards, ideals, and values that were/are laudable…at least on paper, but were just precepts with a contradictory reality. For as much as the US is despised, it is still a beacon for many…perhaps the majority.

But for too long that majority have waited in vain, to see the US stand on the right side of history in conflicts after conflicts. For too long they have watched America protect dictatorships across the global divide. They stood and watched constructive engagement with Apartheid South Africa. They have been watching while it engages and protects, acts as an enforcer or turns a blind eye to Apartheid Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians and the killing of Palestinian dreams of a two-state solution. They have watched and wept as blood ran like rivers in the name of acquisition of their own national resources. They watched and watched and watched some more and now they are just too tired…too mentally weary.

It is not that they expect any geopolitical seismic shifts in the New Order, that will redound to the global South, even as much as the new guns (pun intended) is a part of that South…their/our very own. The scars are there as a reminder that power corrodes even the best intentions. But it is in human nature to eulogize and make merry over the death of an enemy and so they find context.

So, here’s to the #Realignment, and the slim hope that the new bosses will not be like the old bosses or it will be the usual bumpy ride.



Donna Mattis

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